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I'm loving college!

Cheri Walker-Owens graduated from Christel House Academy South in 2014 as valedictorian, a Lugar Scholar and enrolled with distinction at the University of Indianapolis. Cheri, who comes from an inner-city neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana, dreamed of going to college, which is why she chose Christel House Academy.

What did I learn from Christel House Academy that is helping me in college?

"I learned to be a leader at Christel House. We didn't just get told what to do, we were expected to figure things out and create the experiences we wanted. In addition, I built lasting friendships with my peers as well as with my teachers and counselors."

After graduating from Christel House, Cheri began studying Criminal Justice with a focus on cyber security. In addition, she is enrolled in the Ron and Laura Strain Honors College and must complete an honors project that she will present during her senior year.

Cheri plans on completing a six-week cyber security internship with ICE in Phoenix, AZ this summer. After graduating from college, Cheri will use her cyber security education to work with law enforcement or a private company that solves cyber crimes and computer related crimes.

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