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Christel House Academy West Students Raise Money to Help a Neighbor in Need

The students of Christel House Academy-West raised $200.00 to give to the IMPD Mounted Patrol in support of Jake.

Recently the students of Christel House Academy – West found out one of our Central State neighbors, a 13 year old horse at the IMPD Horse Barn named Jake, is sick and needed surgery.

Francis Jake has been a part of the IMPD mounted patrol for 11 years. Many of our students have met Jake on trips to the horse barn, and we all enjoy the horses very much. It made us sad to know that Jake is sick and needs surgery.

Students decided to raise money to help with Jake's care by asking to do an extra chore or odd job at home to earn money they could donate to the cause. Each student was eager to participate and put in the work to raise funds for the donation.

Christel House Academy strongly believes in the power of community service and giving back to the community. Our teachers help students grow their understanding of citizenship and how they can be a positive part of the community at large. The opportunity to help a neighbor in need will not only help Jake and the IMPD, but it will help our students grow as better citizens.

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