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A Child of the Slums, Now a Top Engineering Student

Meet Maldren, a Christel House India—Bangalore 2013 graduate. Maldren grew up in poverty, a child of the Bangalore slums. In her neighborhood, education is not always a high priority for women. Less than 10% of all Indian youth are pursuing a college degree. Despite the odds, Maldren chased her dreams.

Maldren (pictured front row, third from right) is now studying Aeronautical Engineering at Srinivas Institute of Technology and was the top ranked student in the engineering program during her first semester. Christel House is continuing to provide support to Maldren as she pursues her career.

"When I came to Christel House many years ago, I had many dreams, and now those dreams are coming true. My aim is to join the Indian Air Force, and I am working hard." Maldren said.

Her future reimagined: “I see myself as a proud and respected woman working in the India Air Force, giving part of my salary to Christel House. I will build a house for my parents and make them and everyone at Christel House proud of me.”

Christel House WORKS: 85% of Christel House India - Bangalore graduates are pursuing higher education.

The Christel House College & Careers Program continues to support students, like Maldren, for up to five years past graduation. Will you support Christel House graduates as they pursue their dreams?

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