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Christel House South Africa works

At Christel House South Africa, we focus on a holistic method that helps develop the whole child. Watch this video and see how it works. 

A day in the life of a Christel House South Africa student begins with a healthy breakfast, because many students cannot expect three meals a day at home. Grade R (kindergarten) students begin the day with motor skills, which exercise their muscles and teach them to write and cut neatly. 

Most students come to Christel House unable to speak English, but halfway through the year, they not only speak well, but they can also read and write in English.

Christel House owes so much of its success to its passionate teachers, who give students the confidence they need to thrive. “It is so fascinating teaching mathematics, because when they get it, you can see the light bulb go off,” says a teacher who spends extra time mentoring students outside of class.

This school year, Christel House South Africa had a 98% attendance rate and a 99% student retention rate. That may be because Christel House is not just a school. We focus on the whole child: Meals, uniforms, transportation, social services, healthcare, a nurturing environment and College & Careers support are all part of the Christel House experience.

Community engagement is part of our model too. Parents volunteer thousands of hours yearly, and students return to Christel House to volunteer or even support the school financially.

These are a few of the reasons why Christel House works.

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