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Christel House gives adults a second chance to earn a high school diploma - and overcome a roadblock that could otherwise last a lifetime

Christel House DORS is a place where adult students get the extra support needed to ensure their academic success and their personal development. A high school dropout has a very difficult road, but Christel House DORS is committed to helping them build a better life. Let one of our DORS graduates tell you about the transformative impact this program has made in their lives—and why you should support it.

School Profile - 2018 Statistics
  • Opened August 2015
  • Grades 9-12
  • Students served 743 (includes adult students at DORS West and South)
  • 100% graduating seniors with dual credits or career certifications
For more about how you can enroll at DORS, the adult high school, click here to go to the DORS website. Click the CONTACT US link at the top of the page details on each location.

About Christel House Academy

Christel House Academy is a network of learning centers supported by Christel House International. The centers, authorized by The Indiana Charter School Board, operate as public charter schools on multiple campus locations.

Christel House Academy South opened in 2002 on the Southside of Indianapolis and serves more than 700 low income students in grades K–12. It was Indiana’s first charter school to receive the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform’s designation as a School to Watch, and was recognized nationally as one of 10 MetLife Foundation–NASSP “Breakthrough Schools.” Christel House Academy West opened in August 2014 on the near Westside of Indianapolis, and serves students in grades K–5. Each year the school will add one new grade level.

Christel House DORS South, an adult high school, is located on the Christel House South campus. Christel House DORS West, the Academy’s second adult high school, is located on the Christel House West campus. A third site is located at IVY Tech North Meridian Center Building.

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“I got pregnant at 16 and dropped out my senior year. When I came into the program I was so negative about life, but the teachers and staff helped me push myself. My daughter is 5 now and proud that I conquered the biggest challenge in my life and graduated.”
-Alyssa M., DORS graduate 2013