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Established in 1998, Christel House is a global children's charity with 9 no-fee schools around the world helping students who are experiencing poverty transform their lives. Our proven 18-year kindergarten to career model provides students with top-quality education, transport, nutritious meals, uniforms, healthcare, psychosocial counselling, family assistance and career support (for 5 years post high school) to ensure that they find gainful employment, become upwardly mobile and realise their full potential.

  • 9 no-fee schools serving 6,652 students across 5 countries
  • 84% of Christel House India graduates demonstrate upward economic mobility
  • 9 in 10 Christel House Indianapolis graduates are self-sufficient or on-track for self-sufficiency within five years of graduation
  • Christel House Mexico graduates are more than twice as likely to secure formal employment (jobs with benefits) compared to their peers
  • Christel House South Africa graduates are three times more likely to complete a college or university degree than their peers
  • Christel House Jamaica opened in 2020 and each year we are adding an additional grade until we are serving 840 students from Kindergarten to Grade 13
  • Top employers are hiring Christel House graduates, including Dell Technologies, Deutsche Bank, Amazon, KPMG and Grant Thornton. 

See our Theory of Change document here.

Established in 2001, Christel House Europe is a registered charity (1082344) with Charity Commission of England and Wales dedicated to raising funds for the benefit of all Christel House’s schools internationally.