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We are all global citizens - A Model UN in Mexico

The Model United Nations is a crucial exercise at fostering dialogue, peaceful conflict resolution, and cultural exchange among young people. High school students from Christel House Mexico hosted their first ever Model United Nations at the American School Foundation in Mexico City.

Students were treated to a special speaker for the event – Mauricio Meschoulam, a prominent professor of International Relations, who specializes in Terrorism, Mediation and Peace. In his address to the students, he stressed the importance of promoting peace and reconciliation starting with those around us, emphasizing that it is futile to aim to save the world without first addressing our immediate environment.

The participants of the Model United Nations also enjoyed taped greetings from students at Christel House India, Christel House Jamaica, Christel House South Africa, and Christel House Indianapolis. The shared message forwarded to their Mexico classmates – “We are all global citizens.”


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