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Youth Bridge programme offers an opportunity to dream and achieve

Our 10X Youth Bridge team has just kicked off our fifth programme, which is taking place in Khayelitsha. The programme supports unemployed youth (15- to 35-year-olds) and helps them bridge the gap between their undiscovered ambitions and abilities and the opportunities that await them. Since launching the programme, we have witnessed remarkable statistics reflecting the impact of our programme - a 71% average placement rate across the first four programmes and an incredible 84% success rate for the Langa programme specifically. Beyond numbers, the true essence lies in the stories of our participants.

Recently, we had the privilege of connecting with one such participant, Zintle Ndokweni (31), whose journey fills us with hope and inspiration. Zintle, now employed at a coffee shop in Cape Town's CBD, embodies the spirit of resilience and ambition that defines our Youth Bridge programme. With our team's support, she has secured a position as a barista, baker, and teller, showcasing her diverse skill set. Yet, Zintle's aspirations extend far beyond her current role. She is eager to pursue further education and has enrolled in a Human Resources course, intending to balance her work commitments with her studies. 

Zintle says that the programme was very beneficial for her and incredibly detailed. "I learnt about creating my own CV, how to conduct myself in an interview and so much more. Youth Bridge helped me to secure my current work opportunity and I am very grateful,” comments Zintle. Her story is a testament to the effectiveness of our programme in empowering youth and facilitating meaningful employment opportunities. None of this would be possible without your support. Your contributions and partnerships enable us to continue our vital work, transforming the lives of young individuals like Zintle.

If you are inspired by Zintle's story and would like to become a mentor or wish to explore other ways to contribute, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ayanda Mvandaba, Managing Partner: 10X at amvandaba@sa.christelhouse.org or 021 704 9451. 


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