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DORS celebrates community partners

Going back to school as an adult to earn a high school diploma can be a challenge. But Christel House students are not alone. At DORS, dozens of community partners work with the school to provide help for students. In a show of thanks, Kimberlyn H., Taye I. and alum Deborah Aderinwale (above) shared how the support from the partners makes their goals possible.

Kimberlyn is candid about starting at DORS. “I started from zero,” she says. Now she’s looking to graduate with her high school diploma. While undecided on a specific major (she is considering math, biology or technology) she plans to continue her education in college. She’s grateful for the help and guidance she has received from DORS and their partners. “I like how the school is very supportive.” For her, transportation support was critical for her attending classes. Jerrika Blackamore, DORS Lead Resource Coach is responsible for twice-a-month resource events at the three school campuses. These events introduce students to various community programs from health care services to scholarship and financial planning. “We’re connecting students to services in the community that they may not know about that can support them in their personal lives, academic lives, and their family lives,” she says. “It allows our students to focus on school while getting everything else met in their life.”


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