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Families helping families in Mexico

Alison S. (pictured) lives with her great-grandmother in a one room house. But the house had no door. With only a blanket covering the opening, Alison and her great-grandmother endured cold weather. In a heart-warming turn of events, a Christel House Mexico (CHMX) parent stepped forward to help. Alison suffers from respiratory issues and was frequently sick. A CHMX social worker reached out to a parent who works as a carpenter. Using leftover materials, he was able to make a sturdy door for Alison's home and installed it for free.

According to Ingrid Aguilar Mejia, CHMX Director of Community and Health, families often help other families at CHMX. Aguilar shares how Nancy, a 3rd grade student, had missed a month of classes. The social services team learned Nancy's mother, diagnosed with cancer, had to take a full-day job to pay for critical cancer medication. She couldn’t take her daughter to school. The social workers identified a nearby CHMX family that volunteered to take Nancy to and from school each day. Nancy’s mother is very grateful her daughter is back at Christel House.

Another CHMX parent, a maintenance worker, told the social services team he was replacing a working stove at his job and asked if any families could use it. Santiago, an anemic Grade 6 student, lived in a home without a stove. The maintenance worker arranged for the stove to be moved and he installed it for the family. The family can now cook at home, save money, and Santiago is eating healthier and feeling better.    


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