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Lakshmi, Akash and College & Careers

Lakshmi K. (left) and Akash E. are entering Grade 12 at Christel House India. Both have attended Christel House since kindergarten. And both have developed their plans after Christel House. "My College & Career advisors were able to help me connect my interests with my strengths," says Akash. He admits initially having difficultly choosing just one career path. “I have multiple interests.” But Akash made his decision. “I plan to answer the all-India pre-medical entrance exam in order to pursue an undergraduate medical degree (MBBS.)”  

Lakshmi will pursue a degree in Commerce while simultaneously working on her Chartered Accountancy exams. “My College & Careers advisors helped me,” she says. Lakshmi says a highlight of her years at the school was in Grade 2 when she met Christel DeHaan, Founder of Christel House. “I was given the opportunity of sharing a few words at the gathering when Christel Ma’am visited,” she remembers. “I was nervous but after I gave my speech, Christel Ma’am gave me a warm hug and told me I was a marvelous speaker! I will always hold this memory close.”

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