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Students present ideas to transform education in India

How would today’s students improve learning in India? Two Christel House teams took up the challenge and offered their ideas when Christel House India hosted “Student Voices Transforming Education,” an event inviting over one hundred school children, technology leaders, and education specialists to the Christel House campus.The program encouraged student teams to use data to develop proposals to transform education. The Christel House teams selected their topics: “Technology Education for Women” and “Programming Languages in Demand.”

The students, from Grades 9 – 12, gathered information, analyzed data, and created posters and charts to support their conclusions. “I was excited to be on stage, in front of an esteemed audience,” said Anusha, Grade 10, “and receive feedback from experts on the subject.”  Harshitha, Grade 12, describes the event as a one-of-kind experience. “Presenting our findings on why there is a disparity between men and women in the field of technology and how that could be changed was a big learning experience.” The event was presented by NetApp and World’s Largest Lesson, an education program run by Project Everyone, working in partnership with UNICEF. The India STEM Foundation was also a partner. Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director of NetApp India, praised the student participants. “During the course of their exploration they were able to evaluate data in social context, explore not just technology but differences in society from a data-driven lens,” he said. “Whatever their journey through life, they will each make the world a better place.”

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