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A dream to be a nurse!

“My name is Mónica Denisse Reyes Moreno and I was accepted into Christel House Mexico (CHMX) in 2006. The greatest lesson I’ve learned from Christel House is that, despite life's difficulties, you can surpass them if you have both a goal and a stable support network.”

Mónica graduated from Christel House Mexico in 2019. She is studying at Panamericana University, one of Mexico’s top schools. “I decided that I wanted to become a nurse because I have always loved helping others. I like being there for patients at all stages, from their arrival, through their treatment, and even when the time comes to bid them a dignified farewell – knowing  that I was able to help them in every way I could.” She admits she has struggled at times. “At the beginning it was difficult to get to the place I am now, but thanks to the support of both my family and CHMX, I have been able to follow my path. That is something I will always be grateful for.” Monica will complete her nursing degree in 2025. “I am currently working on finishing my degree. I want to be a surgical nurse. One day I would like to be in the operating room, as part of a specialized support team.”  Mónica offers advice for the next generation at CHMX. “I would tell students to never give up. Dreams can be fulfilled with hard work and a lot of study. I am on my way to make mine true! Regardless of adversities, there will always be a helping hand to support you and push you to get there.”


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