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College & Careers guides grad to dream job

Divya Rashi has landed her dream job as a Testing Engineer at Daimler Trucks Innovation Centre India. It’s no small achievement for the 2017 Christel House India graduate. “Christel House encouraged and gave me the courage to speak up and question status quo,” says Divya. “This made me an independent individual.”

Divya says it was hard growing up in a single parent, financially challenged home. Joining Christel House in kindergarten changed her life. “At Christel House, students are encouraged to be independent individuals who can bring a difference in their communities.” Looking back, Divya believes that while challenges made her resilient, Christel House shaped her as the well-rounded person that she is today. “My school exposed and broadened my worldview and gave me an added advantage over many of my peers.” With a scholarship from Christel House, she credits the College & Careers program in helping her choose a college. “I graduated with a B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology.” She is enjoying learning all the operations at Daimler. Divya calls Christel DeHaan, the late Founder of Christel House, her fairy godmother. “No words can express how grateful I am for everything she has done for the world.” 

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