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Kindergarten class adopted by group

In Indianapolis, Ms. Mara Ariza's Christel House Academy South kindergarteners have a special distinction – their classroom has been adopted by Eli Lilly and Company associates from The Lilly India Network (LIN).

LIN supports Christel House Indianapolis with funding to offset student uniform costs, purchasing classroom supplies, and classroom field trips. “Diversity, equity and inclusion through community outreach and social impact is one of LIN’s top priorities,” says Pankaj Gupta, LIN Chair. “We are proud to dedicate both time and resources to actively help prepare Christel House students to become future community leaders.” Children from Ms. Ariza’s class recorded a special thank you for LIN associates.

If you are interested in learning more about classroom adoption, please contact Bobbi Bosch at bbosch@christelhouse.org.

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