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After setbacks, Pearl's going to graduate!

Trying to earn her high school diploma at Christel House DORS has been a difficult path for Pearl Barnett. She’s encountered many life obstacles. “It’s been five long years,” she sighs. Three times she started classes only to have to stop. But this time is different. In June, Pearl’s going to graduate.

Pearl always wanted to finish high school and a friend’s recommendation convinced her the DORS adult high school program was the way to do it. She enrolled but personal setbacks including getting a divorce and her young son being injured in an auto accident made it impossible for her to finish each time. “I’ve definitely had a rocky road,” she says. “But I’m finally getting it done.” She credits the strong commitment of the DORS teachers and staff for encouraging her to return. “They have my back – I have an amazing support system here.” Her kids were also a motivation. “If I give up, what’s that teaching my children?” she says. “That’s what kept me going!” The pandemic and the option of online courses ultimately helped Pearl complete her class requirements. She says finishing the program and earning her diploma is empowering. “After being told my whole life I wouldn’t amount to anything, here I am, proving that is not the case,” she says proudly. “I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling. I absolutely would.”

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