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3-D printers build interest in engineering

A $10,000 gift of STEM equipment from Eli Lilly and Company Information and Digital Solutions to Christel House Indianapolis is inspiring students like 9th graders Karolyn (left) and McKenzie (right) to consider design and engineering careers. “It’s about getting students access to the tools,” says Scott Dooley, Technology Teacher, “and letting them run with it!”

The STEM technology gift includes robotic kits, software, iPads, video tools and eight 3-D printers. The equipment is available to grade school and high school classes. Dooley says the investment in STEM tools will expand engineering courses and opportunities for students at Christel House Indianapolis. He sees the enthusiasm. “It adds a whole new level of engagement with the kids,” he says. Karolyn says she’s excited about exploring what she can build with the 3-D printer. “It’s amazing,” she says. Interacting with his students, Dooley enjoys watching them brainstorm approaches to create and overcome engineering obstacles. “Having the ability to have kids conceive, then design, then print out their ideas in the real world is super powerful from an instructional standpoint.”

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