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Duchossois family shares why they support Mexico's College & Careers program

Gustavo R., a 2020 graduate of Christel House Mexico (CHMX) is grateful. With guidance from the CHMX College & Careers program, he’s now attending UNAM, the #1 ranked university in Mexico. Luis Serrano, CHMX College & Careers Coordinator, is impressed with Gustavo and the entire class of 2020 for overcoming pandemic obstacles. “For me, they are like those Greek heroes that succeed after a long journey filled with trials,” he says proudly. The College & Careers program begins in the early years at CHMX. “We start with a general approach to careers and basic skills in elementary school,” says Serrano. In high school, students apply a more “in-depth” approach – visiting universities and exploring technical programs. “By the time they graduate, they have a group of options.”  Encouragement is important says Serrano. “The first year after graduation is the most vulnerable period in terms of losing track, drop-outs, or changing plans,” he says. “We provide a permanent point of reference for students – we offer counseling, tutoring, economic support, and advice from older graduates.”

The Duchossois family became involved after visiting students in South Africa and now focuses their support on Mexico’s College & Careers program. “It sets Christel House apart from other schools,” says Craig Duchossois. “The Christel House model transforms lives and focuses on long-term success. That’s why we believe in the College & Careers program.” Gustavo, now in his first year at university, sums it up best: “Thank you for making my dreams come true.”

Watch Gustavo’s message (above) to the Duchossois family and Christel House Mexico supporters.     

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