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Class of 2020 celebrates success in Mexico

The public university system in Mexico is very competitive – across all schools, only 10% of applicants will be accepted. The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) is ranked No. 1 in Mexico by the QK Top Universities. This year, Christel House Mexico (CHMX) is proud to announce a record-setting five grads from the Class of 2020 were accepted to UNAM.While Dana C., Gustavo R., Luis C., Nayeli G. and Sergio M. were admitted to UNAM, another eight CHMX graduates will be attending the Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México or ‘IPN’. IPN is recognized as the best public university to study engineering. The accomplishments of these students are spectacular in any given year, but even more impressive given the challenges of 2020. “It’s been terribly difficult for everyone,” says Tania Alvarez, CHMX Head of Schools. “Some of our students found themselves going to work to support their families and others devoted themselves to studying overtime to achieve their admissions.” With the help of the CHMX College & Careers team, teachers and academic staff, the graduates received needed support. She says all the students live with stress and trauma but didn’t lose sight of their goals. “They are dedicated, responsible, but above all, they are hard workers.” 


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