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DORS staff is always ready to help adult learners

Martin Bruner, (pictured) is part of a team of Academic Assessors at Christel House DORS, the adult high school in Indianapolis. He’s one of the first people students meet when they enroll at DORS. He’s used to being available whenever they need his assistance – sometimes late at night. Bukola Odedina, a recent graduate, is grateful for Martin’s support. “He’s always there for you.” Martin understands that adults working on earning a high school diploma are facing long hours and busy schedules – they study between family obligations and usually a full-time job. “We understand and are flexible when they need us,” he says. Martin enjoys working with students from all kinds of backgrounds. He knows earning a diploma is never too late for anyone. “I always wanted a job like this,” he says. “We don’t judge. We encourage our students.” He admits that with the coronavirus, his job is tougher since he doesn’t see students in-person as often. “I make it a point to reach out to them even more now.”

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