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Husband & wife graduate together!

Earning a high school diploma turned into a family affair for Bukola and Olusegun Odedina. The husband and wife team graduated from Christel House DORS, the adult high school in Indianapolis, with their proud son and daughter watching. Having their children witness the achievement was special. “They were excited, happy and inspired,” Olusegun says. “We set an example. We want them to do great in school.” Bukola and Olusegun wanted to earn a diploma so they could continue their education. Bukola discovered Christel House DORS and enrolled. Olusegun soon followed. While working and taking classes was a challenge, Bukola says she’s grateful for the support she received from Christel House. “The teachers are very encouraging. They are always there for you.” Enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College, Bukola plans to be a nurse and Olusegun will pursue an Information Technology (IT) career.

More than 120 adults earned high school diplomas during the DORS graduation ceremony. The event allowed social distancing so family and friends could participate.

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