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Teachers volunteer for student exam prep

Covid-19 has disrupted the school year at Christel House Mexico (CHMX). For graduating 12th graders, critical university entrance exams have been postponed and delayed multiple times. Now CHMX teachers are volunteering to help grads stay prepared for the admission tests.The tests are important as they are an opportunity for CHMX students to earn access to a good, quality public university education at a very low cost. Roberto Yáñez, Chemistry teacher in the upper school, is one of ten teachers providing online review sessions for the students. “We did Zoom classes, subject discussions, and problem solving with practical cases,” he says. “This course will help to strengthen and improve results.” 98% of the Class of 2020 have participated in the review sessions. When the admission tests will happen is unconfirmed but may take place online in August. Roberto is proud to be part of the teaching team and says CHMX students are resilient. “It’s an honor to have a chance to see our kids working hard to reach their personal goals.”

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