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Christel House launches partnership with IPS

Christel House Indianapolis has finalized a partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) whereby Christel House Academy South K – 12 and Christel House DORS South adult high school classes will move to Manual High School, located a few blocks north of our current location. Christel House will also assume operation of the existing Manual High School beginning with the 2020 – 2021 school year according to Bart Peterson, President and CEO of Christel House International.

“As an established local, nonprofit charter school with a proven track record, Christel House is the ideal partner for IPS to provide outstanding educational opportunities in Indianapolis’ southside neighborhoods for years to come.” Beginning in 2021, Christel House Academy West 9th graders will join the Christel House high school on the Manual campus. As an IPS Innovation Network School, Christel House will have operational autonomy. “We’re combining our successful Christel House model with the benefits of expanded building facilities, student transportation support and access to IPS resources,” says Peterson. “This is an opportunity for Christel House to serve more students through our high-quality, holistic educational programs. The new Christel House campus will be unlike any other school in the State of Indiana.”

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