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Indianapolis graduate returns to teach

Except for four years when she was at college, Leanna Leatherbury has been part of Christel House Academy South in Indianapolis since she entered the school as a second grader. A 2015 graduate, she’s returned – as a teacher. “I’m not the student anymore,” she smiles. Now she’s known as Miss L. and feels the shared experience helps her connect with students. “I relate to the kids because I went to Christel House,” she says.Working with her students, Leanna sets strong standards to excel in her class. But she also brings understanding and empathy to the challenges her students face. “It’s amazing to be able to work with the kids who go to Christel House,” she says. “It’s a great experience after being one of those kids,” she admits. Leanna is proud of her career choice and her success. “To see where I came from to where I am now…it was the best decision to teach here.”



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