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Adults find ways to pay for higher education

Adult students enrolled at Christel House DORS in Indianapolis are encouraged to continue their education after they earn their high school diploma. That could either be at college or by pursuing a vocational certification. That often means finding financial help to support their dreams. DORS offers resources to identify aid for students.

Patricia, a DORS student, admits navigating the financial aid process can be “scary.” Alex Samuel, part of an outreach team for INvestEd, a non-profit based in Indianapolis, works with Christel House to answer questions and take the fear out of financing higher education. Alex encourages DORS students to apply for grants and scholarships, but if loans are necessary, he guides them to the best options. “This is very important information,” says Sierra Wills, DORS Resource Specialist. “Our goal is for our students to be either college-ready or career-ready upon completing this program.”


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