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New lab creates tech-literate kids

Children must understand technology to succeed. A new classroom featuring rows of desktop computers is providing Indianapolis students at Christel House Academy West the opportunity for hands-on learning. The tech lessons include the youngest children, too.

“We have laptops in classrooms, but students need the skills to use them,” says Donnie Carver, Christel House Academy West Principal. “We want our kids to be able to create authentic pieces of work in every subject.” The lab gets them ready. Internet safety is a priority for all students – reinforcing appropriate web use to understanding online privacy protection. Technology teacher Emily Smith tailors lessons to each grade level. For older kids, Emily disassembles a computer so her class can identify and understand what every part does. Basics like how to turn on the computer and using programs starts with kindergarten classes. “For younger children, they may not know the vocabulary,” she says smiling. “But they are learning a computer mouse won’t bite you.”





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