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From Christel House to the United Nations

Working for the United Nations, a Christel House graduate is helping families in Venezuela cope with the country’s challenging conditions. Maryari Contreras understands challenges. Growing up, she was surrounded by a loving family. But life was difficult. Maryari’s family had limited resources. Her father enrolled her for high school classes at Christel House. Maryari says the decision was life-changing. “He felt that could be the place I would be happy.” Graduating from Christel House in 2007, Maryari chose to study International Relations at college. An internship with the United Nations led to a career with the UN. Today she coordinates support for the most vulnerable in the country. “Right now in Venezuela we are having a very challenging moment,” she says. She considers herself fortunate to be able to help. “I choose to stay and be there for the people.”

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