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Mom says it's never too late to learn

Cristina Gomez smiles remembering how she and her adult son applied to attend Christel House DORS at the same time. As new citizens, they wanted to earn U.S. high school diplomas. For Cristina, DORS also offered a chance to finally learn English. Together, mother and son graduated from DORS in 2014. He went to an apprenticeship working on high-end automobiles. Cristina, with support from the Christel House College & Careers program, enrolled at IVY Tech Community College and took a job as she continued her studies. She admits it was challenging. “I had to go the extra mile,” says Cristina. “But nothing is impossible with dedication.” She recently graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Celebrating her 60th birthday, Cristina has no plans to slow down – she wants to continue her education. “I love the adventure!”

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