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Megan Cheers Mexico at World Cup

Nine-year-old Christel House Mexico student Megan H. never imagined she would join Team Mexico on the soccer field at the 2018 World Cup. Megan was invited to Russia for the opening game as part of the McDonald’s Player Escort Program. Judges selected Megan for her creativity, commitment, dedication and for being an exemplary student at Christel House. She escorted her idol, Andrés Guardado, Mexico’s Team Captain onto the field. “The players were very nice,” says Megan. Traveling with her mother, the trip offered many firsts – flying in a plane, making new friends, and seeing historic sites in Moscow. A highlight was a Moscow cultural museum, trying on traditional Russian clothes. Tasting Russian food was also a learning experience. “It was very good but very different from meals in Mexico.” Enjoying her unforgettable opportunity, the young Christel House ambassador proudly displayed the school flag at the game.

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