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How graduates make Christel House better

Burgandie, a freshman at the University of Indianapolis, is an Honors graduate from Christel House Academy South who is benefiting greatly from the Christel House College & Careers program. Kara Moreland, College & Careers Administrator for Christel House Schools, regularly communicates with Burgandie about her progress. “I just knew I wanted to go to UIndy” says Burgandie. Moreland assisted her through the complicated college loan process, even going with her to the financial aid office on campus. “The first year is the most difficult for students; there are so many questions and challenges,” says Moreland. “By sophomore year the students become more independent.” College & Careers support and encouragement guides students for five years after they graduate from Christel House. Its goal is to help them become integrated into the workforce and on a pathway to self-sufficiency. Graduates regularly return to share their insights with students and teachers on their experiences after Christel House. “They tell us what works and offer feedback on what needs to be stronger to help future graduates,” says Moreland. “Our teachers are very receptive to adjusting their lesson plans based on that communication. It’s a great feedback loop to help Christel House continuously improve.”

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