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Full-tuition university scholarships for Academy graduates

College education costs are often prohibitive for students lacking economic resources. But, the University of Indianapolis is changing all that for CHA-South graduates earning Honors Diplomas.  Qualified graduates will automatically be entitled to a four-year full-tuition scholarship to UIndy, strengthening the longtime partnership between the two schools. Room-and-Board scholarships will also available.

“We have such a wonderful relationship with Christel House educators and students, and this program ensures we will continue as partners to strengthen our neighboring families and that we will provide opportunities for these students to get a world-class education at UIndy,” said University President Rob Manuel.

Manuel joined Christel House students and families for an official launch of the scholarship program in the UIndy Health Pavilion on campus. The announcement was followed by a campus tour before the group was recognized during the annual Pack-the-Night UIndy Greyhound basketball game.

“We are thrilled that the University of Indianapolis is offering these scholarships for our students at Christel House Academy South,” says Carey Dahncke, Head of Schools, Christel House Academy. “Christel House Academy is proud of our academic achievements that have allowed our students to standout from what you typically expect to see in urban education. Nearly all of our students live in poverty, and the opportunity to attend a four year university escapes many because of the financial commitment.  So, the opportunity and generosity UIndy is providing will be a game changer for many of our graduates. It is simply an amazing opportunity that will forever change the lives of many.”

Christel House, a public charter school on the south side of Indianapolis, provides classroom learning opportunities for teachers in training at the University. In addition, University faculty teach remote courses at the academy to give students there—many of whom will go on to be first-generation college students—a great advantage by entering college with existing credits and exposure to the University community. A website at UIndy offers full details on the plan. http://uindy.edu/christel-house-scholarships

About the University of Indianapolis

The University of Indianapolis, founded in 1902, is a private, liberal arts university located just a few minutes from downtown Indianapolis. UIndy is ranked among the top Midwest Universities by the U.S. News and World Report, with a diverse enrollment of more than 5,200 undergraduates, 1,300 graduate students and 400 continuing education students. The University offers a wide variety of study areas, including 100 undergraduate degrees, more than 35 master’s degree programs and five doctoral programs. More occupational therapists, physical therapists and clinical psychologists graduate from UIndy each year than any other state institution. With strong programs also in engineering, business, and education, UIndy impacts its community by living its motto, “Education for Service.” www.uindy.edu.


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