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Eat Your Vegetables! Chefs Cook Up Lessons for Christel House Students

Good nutrition is a critical part of learning. Through a grant from the Chef Ann Foundation, several Indianapolis area chefs visited Christel House Academy to show kids that eating vegetables is not only good for you – but it can taste great, too.

Davina Gaskine is the Co-Chair of the Chef and Child program from the American Culinary Federation (ACF, Indianapolis Chapter.) She and a team of chefs visited Christel House Academy South and Christel House Academy West to focus the kids on vegetables and how simple it is to prepare them. “The Chef and Child program is all about integrating childhood nutrition with education,“ according to Chef Gaskine.

The team of chefs prepared raw vegetable skewers and cooked up stir-fry samples for students to have with their lunch. For the chefs, their mission is to help kids establish good nutrition habits. Their ultimate lesson plan - education helps kids make good food choices early, choices that can impact their health for a lifetime. After the chefs cooked the vegetable dishes they spent time visiting with the students to answer their questions about food and cooking.

Good healthy food lessons. Plus, for some students, it's exposure to a career path in the culinary arts when they graduate. It’s a recipe for success.


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