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Donor Cindy Flesher provides support for struggling students throughout the global Christel House network. Created in 2008 the STARS (Sowder Transformational Academic Rewards and Support) program provides remediation to 1,248 students each year.

"When my daugh­ter struggled with a slight learning disability, I saw firsthand how hard a child must work to overcome these challenges. From that point on, I knew I wanted to help children with learn­ing difficulties,” said Cindy Flesher, STARS founding funder

"What drew me to Christel House was the fact was that everything goes directly to help the children. It doesn’t go to administrative costs,” says Cindy. “I knew I wanted to become involved because Christel House educates the entire human being, builds character and addresses health and family issues.”

Cindy wanted to ensure that the program would continue making a difference in the lives of the children. In addition to her annual funding, she has decided to make a planned gift. “I wanted my friends and family to see how much this program means to me. I hope I can inspire others to create their own Christel House legacy.”

“It is easy to live in a box and forget how many in society struggle greatly,” she continues. “Children living in extreme poverty de­serve a chance. I have a lot of confidence in Christel House and have no doubt that funding STARS for years after I‘m gone will be the best possible use of my resources.”

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