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The communities served by Christel House are among the poorest of the poor. Abject poverty often means there is no food.

India is home to the world's largest food insecure population, with more than 500 million people who are hungry. Among children in India, 42.5% under the age of five are underweight. Whether it is in the urban slums of Bangalore or the semi-urban communities in Naya Raipur, children do not have enough food to eat and definitely not enough nutritious food.

Yachna is just one of these children. At 5 years old, she is quite small for her age, even by Indian standards. She enrolled in kindergarten at Christel House India—Naya Raipur in August, 2016.

At Christel House, we understand that a child who is hungry cannot learn. That is why we provide students with breakfast, lunch and a snack every school day, 80% of our kids’ daily nutrition.

A lunch meal might include rice, vegetables, eggs, chapatti, yogurt and fruit. Mineral and vitamin supplements are also provided.

About ten days after Yachna started school, a teacher saw her rolling up her chapatti, which is similar to a flat bread, and putting it into her bag. The teacher asked Yachna why she was doing this. Yachna said “I know I will get food at school tomorrow. My sister doesn’t go to school and she doesn’t have chapatti to eat, so I am taking it for her.”

Because of your support, Yachna and other students at Christel House now have food security. They go to sleep knowing that there will be food on the table when they come to school. Thank you for helping to fill tummies and nourish minds. You are providing a seat at the table of life for Christel House kids. 

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