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Education is more than just desks and books

At Christel House Academy (CHA) students are educated from kindergarten to career. Each child discovers a personal roadmap to success. The leadership, problem-solving and creative-thinking skills learned at Christel House inspire students to believe in themselves, develop meaningful relationships and achieve excellence against all odds.

Lexes R. credits CHA with teaching her never to settle for less than her best. “At Christel House, I learned how to aim high and not sell myself short. The school even recommended me for a summer internship at International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), a global travel company in Phoenix, AZ. There, I gained experience that will help my future accounting career.” Lexes was Salutatorian of Christel House Academy’s 2014 graduating class. She is the first in her family to attend college and pursue a professional career. Her parents taught Lexes the importance of hard work, and Christel House helped her find dreams to follow. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Indianapolis pursuing a degree in accounting.

The obstacles Christel House students must overcome to achieve their dreams are significant, but your support is helping students, like Lexes, attend college, pursue their careers and make their dreams a reality.

With your support, students like Lexes, reach their full potential by getting the education they need for a brighter future. Donate today.

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