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Walk Around the Christel House World

Be fit. Have fun. Raise funds. Walk with us around the Christel House world.

Christel House is an international nonprofit that gives kids who need the most help the best chance. We do this through our network of eight schools, located in five countries, serving nearly 6,000 students.

A Christel House education is more than a typical education, but a lifetime of empowerment. Kids can’t learn if they’re hungry or sick.  In addition to academic classes, students receive nutritional support and healthcare, character development, College & Careers counseling for five years after graduation, and participate in community engagement. A first-generation high school or college graduate can provide an opportunity to set an entire family on a path to progress. Christel House ensures the whole child is equipped for success.

This year, when you walk, you walk with Christel House kids. And any exercise counts to our fitness goals! Bikers, runners, and all other forms of physical activity are welcome. Be fit, have fun, and raise funds! 100% of all funds raised goes to support programs and services for students, so we all can make a difference! Together, we can give kids who need the most help the best chance.