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Established in 2001, Christel House Europe is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (#1082344) dedicated to raising funds for the benefit of all Christel House’s schools internationally, including South Africa, India, Mexico, Jamaica, and the United States.

Our vision: A world where poverty does not limit potential.
Our mission: Christel House prepares graduates to achieve upward economic mobility, demonstrate good citizenship, and become empowered to identify and realise their goals, dreams, and human potential.

Christel House is a holistic model designed to transform the lives of children experiencing poverty. We do this by focusing on the “whole child.” Our comprehensive 18-year kindergarten to career education program provides daily transport, nutritious meals, professional healthcare, counselling, family support and college & careers guidance (which extends for five years after school) to ensure that our students find gainful employment and realise their dreams.   
Since Christel House's founding, 19,385 students have been served at nine schools around the world in India, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa and the United States.

Children don’t choose to be born into poverty. Help us give them the opportunity to transform their lives.

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Christel House Impact = Transformation around the world
Current number of Students enrolled (including College & Careers) 6,652
Number of students served since Christel House's founding: 19,385
Graduating students passing grad exams. 99%
Graduates Working and/or studying 2022 School Year. 95%
Annual K - 12 retention. 94%

Contact us:  Francois Louw
Tel: +44(0) 770 6336 171

Christel House Europe is a UK-registered charity, No. 1082344.