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Please help us to break the cycle of poverty that entraps children and prevents them from becoming productive members of society.

Children don’t choose to be born into poverty. Most grow up never realizing their human potential. Instead, they face physical and psychological trauma—hunger, malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem and lack of opportunity. 

Christel House is much more than a school. We give children a hand-up, not a handout, by providing a rigorous academic education supported by programmes to develop the whole child. We don’t just educate, or feed, or provide health care—we do all of these things from early childhood through early adulthood. And we continue to mentor our students for 5+ years after they graduate from Christel House. 

The results? Christel House works! Since 2001 in India and South Africa we have impacted the lives of over 2,300 children, their families and communities. In India, fewer than 10% of all children ever get to college. In South Africa, 52% of young people cannot find work. Approximately 86% of graduates from our schools in these countries are now working, in apprenticeships, or continuing their studies full or part-time at college or university. Their futures are secure, their ambitions realised.

Christel House Impact = Transformation in India and South Africa
Number of Students (including College & Careers) 2021 School Year 2,778
Average Student Attendance 2021 School Year 94%
Student year to year retention 2021 School Year 93%
Graduating students passing grad exams 2021 School Year 98%
Graduates Working and/or studying 2021 School Year 92%

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Christel House Europe is a UK-registered charity, No. 1082344.