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Guadalupe's Brave Journey

Ninth grade Christel House Mexico student, Guadalupe, was born with a deformity in her jaw and teeth. Growing up, the defect caused her great difficulty—she couldn’t talk or pronounce words properly, chewing and swallowing were difficult, even breathing was a chore. She was teased and rejected. Her own family was embarrassed to be seen with her in public. She felt ugly and ashamed.

Because her family was extremely poor, they did not have access to medical care to give Guadalupe the support she needed.

After Guadalupe enrolled at Christel House, things began to change. At Christel House, she received regular dental care and emotional support. A donation by a Christel House supporter allowed her to receive specialized medical treatment. She now has an easier time breathing and swallowing. Her self-confidence and academic work have improved. Soon, Guadalupe will receive a procedure to align her upper and lower jaw. The school nurse has seen a tremendous change in Guadalupe: “She shows not only better physical health, but emotional too. She is a brave girl. With time, she is starting to feel empowered.”

Give a child the gift of health!

To parents, there’s nothing more important than taking good care of your kids. Trips to the pediatrician, dentist and orthodontist are all just part of growing up to be ‘big and strong.’ But, for impoverished Christel House kids—who live in conditions where sickness and disease can easily spread—these ‘routine’ doctors’ visits are often too expensive or not accessible. Christel House helps fill that gap by providing yearly checkups, vaccinations, eyesight and hearing screenings, hygiene supplies and much more. With your support, we can provide students with the preventive and sometimes lifesaving medical care they desperately need.

All gifts made by April 30,2017 will be tripled up to a total of $75,000 thanks to the generosity of an anonymous Christel House donor.

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